wictorwictor bought me dinner (more or less) so i drew her fcken incredible oc lieutenant de borda who im in lov w now because buff sailor ladies are so important???

saved as leftenant.png bc i’m english

07/25/14  (+6)  


upd8 of my feanor design. i dig it. the tattoo wraps all the way around his back; i like to think it’s more complex there, but i haven’t come up with anything yet.

pls hq

but hi hey a dragon queen i guess

04/29/14  (+3)  

the once and future queen

04/26/14  (+2)  


04/20/14  (+1)  

weird, nonsensical fish-alien pin up lady

pose not referenced, but i think i did p good?

04/20/14  (+2)  

estrella!!!! 3/3 commissions for queeninursouth

as always, pls fullsize

04/09/14  (+4)  

a bust thing that iiii will never finish

04/04/14  (+3)  

once more, pls fullsize!!!

commission 2/3 for scarlett, this time of ariel. uwu


04/03/14  (+13)  

please fullview

commission 1/3 for queeninursouth - this is ruby!!!!

04/03/14  (+5)