estrella!!!! 3/3 commissions for queeninursouth

as always, pls fullsize

04/09/14  (+4)  

a bust thing that iiii will never finish

04/04/14  (+2)  

once more, pls fullsize!!!

commission 2/3 for scarlett, this time of ariel. uwu


04/03/14  (+13)  

please fullview

commission 1/3 for queeninursouth - this is ruby!!!!

04/03/14  (+5)  


03/28/14  (+2)  

sauron coming under the influence of melkor

slowly all his hair turns gold and although sauron is not who he was he feels freer than he had been

03/28/14  (+10)  

shakey steps into furrydom

03/28/14  (+2)  

i always like the sketch better


i was going to put some sort of sexual lyric on this but i have the chess soundtrack stuck in my head so i’m just like “one night in angband and the tough guys tumble

but hey. so sauron had a rough night but in the good way

url change, celebrindor > elrohirs